Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5th Mondegreens

  1. In the huge corporate complex I used to work in, bands would play at lunch in the summer. There was a swing band playing one day, and when my boss came in from listening, she said, "OH, Angie, you missed a great band today. They played the Drunk Driving song." I was sort of horrified. And she began singing, "Drunk drivin' with a whale." And I said, "With a whale? You mean, jump jive an' wail?" "Yeah, that song. The Gap song. Whatever." Because you know, songs about drunk driving with a marine mammal make a whole hell of a lot of sense (from Angie).
  2. My friend was surprised to find out the band's name is "Hall and Oates", and not "Haulin' Oats." (from Kim).
  3. ZZ TOP, "Sharp Dressed Man"--yea, Ive always thought they said, "Shy cat play." (from JJ).


  1. Drunk Driving with a Whale might be the only thing to get me through the day. HILARIOUS! ;)

  2. i think it sounds a lot like drunk driving too!