Monday, March 22, 2010

4th Mondegreens

  1. When I first heard Paula Abdul's song, "Opposites Attract," for some reason I thought she was singing "Opposite Subtract." Cuz like... the opposite of subtracting would be adding, and umm... you can add one person to another and make a couple? I have no idea (from Kitty).
  2. The other was misheard by a friend of mine - she thought Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" was "Only the good Tyrone." It's fun to rock out to either way (from Kitty).
  3. For a long time I thought the lyrics to Toto's song went like this: "I was born in the land of the sun and the talking grass..." instead of "and the tall green grass". Blimey when I found out my mistake (and it sort of ruined the imagination I had of the "talking grass," which I thought was magical)! (from Amel).
  4. I thought the song "Voices Carry" by Til Tuesday went: Oh Josh, keep it down now, it's so scary. I assumed it was about a woman singing to a man named Josh. And they were involved in some sort of horror-inducing situation. I did not learn the real words to this song until I married a man named Josh and he was horrified when I sang it to him, thinking I was suave that I had found a song with his name in it. I wasn't (from Mel).

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